H (violet_fade) wrote in bad_service,

I was at Sam's Club yesterday with my grandmother and my brother's girlfriend so that I could purchase a case of chinese takeout containers to decorate and put favours in for my upcoming wedding. We were also grocery shopping,and I had gone sans breakfast,so I was rather hungry and decided to partake of some of the samples being offered on carts all down the food section. I approach a cart of nice looking little sandwiches and reach out to take one,thats when the sandwich lady strikes:

How old are you,dear?

[Since when does one get carded for a sandwich?!]

umm,im 23...Im getting married in September*i flash my ring at her* Why do you ask?

Oh,no reason,you look like a little kid

I take my sandwich and walk back over to my grandma and bro's girlfriend and tell them what happened. GF and I decide that she and grandma need a sandwich also,so we walk back to the cart and each take a sandwich,getting the fish eye from the lady. I take the sandwich back to gma and as we walk back by,my grandma suddenly lashes out at the sandwich lady,i run away,mortified,but i hear my grandma ask her just why she needs to know the age of her adult granddaughter,the lady replies that she does not really need to know,but young children arent allowed to get samples on their own,WTF?!

The fact that I am getting married and that im wearing an obvious,somewhat large engagement ring on my left hand should give some clue to the fact that I am a grown woman,even though I look somewhat young for my age. I was wearing a substantial amount of makup and a low cut shirt,in short,i looked old enough to be procuring a sample without parental supervison.
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