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two minor but still noteable WTFs from Kohl's

I started Herbalife yesterday, as my stuff had finally come in, and my Herbalife coach had mentioned that Kohl's had a really awesome Ninja blender on sale for like half off. What I really liked about it was that it was a bit like the magic bullet, so I could mix my shake in the container I was going to drink out of and they had really nice to go lids on top.

Well I get there and I see the blender on the display but I can't find the boxes. I don't want to assume they're out, just in case they haven't restocked the shelves, but I do realize that there's a sale going on and they might be out. I can't find anyone in the department so I go up to customer service and the woman there pages Terry, who is working in Home Goods that day. The lady smiles at me and tells me Terry will meet me by the blenders.

15 minutes later, Terry finally arrives and goes "Are you the one looking for the blender?" which kind of made me want to go "Well, I am standing in front of them and no one else is here. Duh." but I just nodded and indicated to the one I wanted. "Oh, I don't think we have any of those left."

I told her I understood and asked if there was anyway to check if there were still some in stock or if the Kohl's in North Kingstown had them. She starts to WHINE at me at this point. "Oh, I just came down from stock. It's all the way upstairs. Do you really want me to have to walk all the way back up there and check? I'm pretty sure we're out and I doubt North Kingstown has any."

At that point, I was fed up with her tone of voice and grabbed the Magic Bullet instead. She tried to talk me into one of the more expensive Ninja blenders, but I cut her off with a polite but curt "No, thank you. That's out of my current price range and it doesn't come with the accessories the other one did. This suits my purposes much better and it cheaper than the original Ninja I came in for."

I had also, before I got to the blenders, picked up a few rings that were on wicked sale. Like over half off. I had closed the boxes, as the stickers were on the outside and when I got to the check out counter, the woman goes "Oh, I have to open these and see what they are!" I sort've rolled my eyes but didn't feel there was much I could say. She complimented me on two of them and then opened a third I had purchased for a friend because when I walked by it, it screamed her name at me. She snorts and goes "Oh, honey, this one is much too big for your little fingers."

I informed her in a curt tone that it was for a friend and tapped my debit card against the counter. She opened the fourth, which was the one I had loved the best, and goes "Oh, god, this one is hideous!" My mouth dropped open and I couldn't help but glare at her. I told her "Taste comes in several different forms, just like manners," and all she did was give this little giggly laugh and go "Oh well! At least I'm honest." Yeah, and you're judgmental to boot!

I rarely go to Kohl's and from now on, I'm going to the other one if I need to go, even though this one is closer to my house.
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