Tracy (traecrochet) wrote in bad_service,

So I had to go to the Doctor's office yesterday to get blood drawn before my physical next week. I've gone to this Doctor's office my entire life (21 years) so I know pretty much everyone. However, yesterday was horrible.

I get up to the counter and there's this new receptionist (Janet). I say I'm here, pay my co-pay and sit down. She calls me back up and says that since I have this one insurance company that I have to pay an extra $10 to get my blood drawn there. I excuse myself and call my mom, because I was really confused. They did not have this policy a few months ago when my mom had blood drawn. My mom calls the Doctor's office (I'm on her insurance by the way) and the other receptionist who does the referrals transfers her to a nurse. The sucky part about the trip is that Janet, who I asked when the policy went into effect, screamed that she didn't want to talk to my mother because "I have no idea, they just tell me the policy." Ok, I can understand that. Here is the conversation I had with the other receptionist:

Receptionist: Your father is on the phone.
Me: No its not, its my mother.
Receptionist: I'm pretty sure its your father.
Me: That would be impossible because my father is at work. Its my mother .
Receptionist: Are you sure?
Me: Yes I'm sure. My mother would never have my father call up when he's at work. Its my mother.
Receptionist: Oh well she sounds like a man. I guess she has a deep voice then.
Me: :: Head explodes::

Come on, I knew my mom was calling you guys up so I knew it was her. Don't sit there arguing with me about whether it is my mother or not. I wouldn't have minded if you were young, but lady, you were in your 50s at least. This is the first time i've ever been upset with my Doctor's office.

Then, when I went to pay the $10 because I figured I was already there and here's the conversation we had:

Janet: You know, you should have told us you were getting blood drawn (fact: This is such a stupid statement. It was in the computer that I was getting blood drawn because you need an appointment a week ahead of your physical so that its ready in time) so we could have sent you a list of LabCorp. locations so you don't have to pay.
Me: I didn't know about the policy. Maybe you should ask everyone what insurance they have so you can tell them this.
Janet: How could you not know about the policy?
Me: Because its fairly recent (within the last 6 months) and I haven't had blood taken in a long time. You have a lot of elderly patients. Maybe you should start asking them what insurance they have so that they don't make the same mistake I do. It would be a lot easier for them.
Janet: :: Glares at me::
Me: :: smiles and sits down::

Do I seem like a sucky customer?
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