orthent (orthent) wrote in bad_service,

Small, but disproportionately irritating contractor suck

A local contractor is often out of his office, so it's usually one of his associates who picks up the phone. I foresee weeks of dealing with this associate, so it's not a good sign that he's already getting on my nerves.

Whatever I ask of him, his response is the same: first a loooooong pause, long enough to make me wonder if we've been cut off. Then, "Ooooooookay?"--and nothing else. And always in this tone that manages to convey that whatever I've asked is anything BUT okay--more like, so far from okay that aliens from Phi Zeta Grus VII should know better than to ask it.

He never says what, if anything is wrong--never says clearly "we can't do that." But he never says clearly "yeah, sure, I can do that," either. Would it kill this man to just straight-up tell me "yes, we'll do that" or "no, we can't"? I'm already plenty worried about this project, and this weird, indefinite-sounding "ooooookay?" that leaves me wondering if he's going to do the thing or not, is making me want to tear my hair.

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