Ophelia (starrynight) wrote in bad_service,

Hospital update

Hey guys! It turned out that I had inflammation, NOT a rebound effect from CVS not having the right stuff in stock. I have a strong prescription anti-inflammatory. It's nothing too serious, at least. It'll go away on its own, it just takes time. Yay for super awesome cardiologists! My bp is better, 135/84. And that's with all my meds and stuff, so I'll take it. I did have some tachycardia but it was in the low 100's rather than 150-176 bpm, yay!

Also, JHACO (Joint Health Commision) is launching a formal investigation of what went on during my ER visit. There should be no documentation or reports that I was given nitro, oxygen or aspirin, and no record of being given something for my blood pressure, as well proof that I left the ER with hypertension still. There should also be an absence of rhythm strips because there were no telemetry techs in the part of the ER that I was at. I was worried that the dr would be able to fudge the facts but iirc, once you enter something into the computer, it's timestamped and there's no way of going back and changing stuff.

There should also be the lack of vital signs, since it was only taken twice during my 4 hour stay.

PS. If anyone has hospital experience and knows how things are documented and such, let me know how it works so I can worry a little less.

Also, what happens if JHACO decides that the dr was negligent? Nothing horrible happened as a result of the dr not following standard protocol, so I'm not looking for damages, just a satisfactory inquiry.
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