charuby (charuby) wrote in bad_service,

Rude cashier

Just a short one.

A cashier at a health and beauty store was serving me.

Her: Dyawannabag?
Me: Yes, please!

She scanned my item.

Her: £1.99.

I handed her a £2 coin.

Me: Thanks! You can keep the change!

She rolled her eyes at me when I told her she could keep the penny change, as if it was a bad thing. I know, it was just a penny and she probably thought, what is the point, but I always thought it was a nice thing to do. I don't know if she put it in a charity box or what, because I left literally a second later. She never said please or thank you once.


I don't think I'll be doing this anymore. It looks like I was mistaken in thinking it was a nice gesture. It might feel like one to me, but judging from the number of comments that I've gotten here (some from cashiers) it isn't that nice at all. Just because I personally don't see it as an annoyance when I'm the cashier and it happens to me doesn't mean that everyone's the same. I think next time I'll just put the penny or small change into a charity box if there is one.

EDIT 2: I was wrong. I'm sorry. I'll know not to do this in the future.
Tags: commenters morally obligated to disagree
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