Ophelia (starrynight) wrote in bad_service,

Bad service from the ER

I went to the ER with chest pain that I had for 6 hours (2 hours before, 4 hours in the ER). I was moderately hypertensive

I had blood work and of course that came back fine. I don't have an electrolyte problem and I knew I wasn't having a heart attack. I was hooked up to a monitor with and my initial BP was 156/90 something. Being hooked up to the monitor proved to be absolutely useless because there were no telemetry techs watching all of the patient's monitors. The alarm kept going off the entire time I was there, but nothing was noted since no techs were around. I knew for a fact they weren't around because I was in a room right near the nurse's station. I could see the tele monitor from where I was.

My vitals were barely taken. I got vitals done initially when I came in, and then another time, which was right before discharge. Since the doctor said my blood work came back fine and no real proof that there was something going that was causing the monitor alarm to go off, he told me to sign the discharge papers. My blood pressure upon discharge was 140/100. My mom was yelling at him, saying: "how can you let someone with unstable vital signs out of the hospital?" But I just wanted to go home, I was all by myself until the last 10 mins because there were codes and lots of ambulances going in, so the ER was blocked for hours.

And not once did the doc listen to my heart, or examine me at all except for feeling around my abdomen. And maybe if the doctor looked at the monitor that I was hooked up to, he would have noticed something wasn't right. His reasoning for discharging me: "I don't think this is a cardiac related incident". I asked for a cardio consult as well, I figured they would know better about hypertension and chest pain than an ER doc.

I left thinking it was fruitless, until yesterday, when the chest pain came back and my blood pressure was 157/101. Since it was nighttime and I take meds at night to knock me out (Seroquel), I decided to see if I could just go to sleep and get in touch with my cardiologist, who I see because I get these crazy bursts of adrenaline (I've had my catecholamines tested, crazy stuff!) which causes the hypertension and such. It's frustrating because I get hot so easily, so I sweat a lot :/

I asked the ER doc to check my records from the last time I was at that particular hospital because I had been admitted there before. He said there were no records to lookup because they switched to a new system. I'm pretty sure that's a lie. I think it's mandatory to have to keep physical records on file for around ten years, if I'm not mistaken.

Luckily, my cardiologist was on call at another hospital this morning and he said that I was having rebound hypertension, due to not having the right amount of meds. What happened was is that I went to refill my blood pressure and beta blocker prescriptions. CVS did not have either of those meds in stock and told me the earliest I could get them was this Friday (this is the same CVS that didn't bother to tell me Seroquel couldn't be filled).

I had to look for a few stores, but I finally found a CVS who had both my meds in stock, so I have to go back to the original CVS, pick up the physical script, then go to the store that has those meds in stock. And my cardio said to see him tomorrow morning.

In the end, I guess it kinda worked out for me. And it's not CVS' fault for not having the meds I need, but I'm still livid that ER doc let me go with hypertension and everything. I get crazy readings, like 187/134 and such. So with my history and everything, I think I at least deserve to not get written off.

ETA: I was never offered blood pressure meds, and the ER doc said they were out of stock of beta blockers except for one kind (Betaxolol), but that I couldn't take it.

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