Duae (duae) wrote in bad_service,

Minor Bad Service

Yes, Lowes Employee Mumble McMumblepants, I and my guy are checking out your selection of ceiling fans.

Oh, you're going to get all up in my personal space and "Can I help you with anything?" Mumbled very softly.

"Why yes, where do you keep your selection of ceiling fan mounts and do you carry brace and boxes for suspended ceilings?"

Mumble mumble "Now what you're going to do is take your fan and you're going to take a brace and you need to find the stud and you're going to put the brace on a stud and the drop rod and then you've got yourself a ceiling fan." All mumbled to the point my guy couldn't even guess what he was trying to say, and absolutely no move to show us the braces.

"Ah... I... see. Alright. I don't think we need any more help." We'll take a few steps away and oh look, you're following. "We're good. We're just looking." Keep walking, circling the fan section and... you're staying right on our heels. "I think we're good...." And.. still shuffling after us like a zombie.

Time to make a break for flooring and away from Night of the Undead Employees.
Tags: "i know this isn't really bad service", it's only bad service if you die, maybe they were zombies
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