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Rude girl at MAC Cosmetics counter >:(

(x-posted from yelp)

I like to get my lashes here from time to time because they are much better quality than the ones available at Target/Walmart/CVS/etc. Prior to the visit I am writing about today, I had purchased lashes two or three times from different girls that were working. The girls are usually pleasant, cheerful, and assist me in choosing a pair without me even having to ask.

Today I went in towards the end of my lunch break. Considering it only takes about five minutes or so from purchase to application, I had no reason to suspect any issues would arise to make this visit any different from usual, right? Wrong!

So I wait in line as two people ahead of me are paying for their purchases. When it's my turn, this girl asks how she can help me and I told her I was interested in picking up some lashes. She asks if I knew which ones I wanted and I said no and then she points towards the display on a different table and tells me the lashes are over there. I was a little taken aback at this response because I was used to the staff being more attentive than this girl and I stood there silent for a moment and then said, "Oh.. oh-kaayy...." and walked over to the lashes. I assume she took a hint because she followed me to the display and we had a short conversation about the styles and I ended up just picking one that looked alright and told her I needed them applied because I had removed mine at work before I went to the counter. She motioned for me to sit in the chair and told me she would be right there to apply them and touch up my liner. I sat and waited.

She comes over and then tells me to pay for them now (which was odd because they normally ask me to pay AFTER they are applied and she had just asked me to sit down but whatever) She took my card and went to the register and I just sat there and waited because it didn't seem like she wanted me to follow her.

She came back to return my card and told me I needed to go enter my pin on the machine at the register so I did and then returned to the seat. So as I'm sitting there waiting, she comes to set something down on the little table thing next to the chair I'm in and tells me she's going to ring up some other customer that had just walked up and then she walks away from me to help her. Just like that! She didn't ask me if I would mind her helping someone else, didn't bother to ask if I was in a hurry, and I didn't even have a chance to respond before she was talking to this other customer. Of course it took what seemed like FOREVER (it was a few minutes but when you're in a hurry 5 minutes seems like an hour, doesn't it!) and I was visibly impatient and frustrated. There were like 3 or 4 other employees that were working with customers so why the heck do I have to wait again.

Initially, I was willing to forgive the rudeness upon an apology which I had assumed I would receive whenever she decided to come back and finish helping me.. but when she finally came back and I said to her that I had to get back to work really soon, there was no response from her but in my peripheral I noticed she had turned to look at me. I turned my head and looked back at her and we made eye contact for a good 2-3 seconds before she replied, "Okay." and maintained the stare for another couple seconds before she looked back down at what she was doing. That's what reaaaalllyy made me upset.

Cue another few minutes and she's finally done. She went to hand me what I thought was the mirror for me to see how my eyes looked but NOPE! It was the little plastic box that my lashes came out of. "Here." I told her I wanted my receipt (it was still in the printer at the register) and she said "Oh." before getting it and handing it to me. I asked for her name before I left.

Erika. (Or Erica?)

Could I have come in earlier so I wouldn't be rushed? Of course. Would I have needed to come in earlier if she had given me her undivided attention from start to finish? Nope. Would I be writing this Yelp review and contacting her manager tomorrow to let them know about their rude Eric/ka if she apologized instead of getting pissy when I alluded I was in a hurry? Negative.

I was two minutes late when I made it back to work from my break which really isn't a big deal but, you know.. it's just one of those situations when the principle is what makes you mad enough to say something. I'm nobody special with my $10 Mac falsies but neither are you on your stupid high horse.
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