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Denied service at a pharmacy.

I don't know if this counts as 'discrimination' or not..

My partner was sick and needed a muscle relaxer from the drug store, and so I volunteered to head over. It was the Rexall in Billings Bridge mall in Ottawa.

I've never bought the medication, so I wasn't sure if I should look on the shelves or simply ask the pharmacist in case they store it behind the counter. Carefully looked over the analgesic aisle and nothing. So I head the actual pharmacy counter and ask one of the employees, he was not a pharmacist, but a 'regular' employee.

I asked for the medication and asked if it was kept on the shelves or behind the counter. The guy glared at me and said they don't carry it at all. I was taken aback since his tone changed from normal corporate politeness to.. well looking at me like I asked "Hey, can you sell me some heroin whilst I kick a baby?".

At this point, it's probably best for me to describe what I look like: Blood red hair, septum ring and my ears are stretched to 12mm. I was wearing black leggings with spiders on them and a red dress. Nothing terribly ostentatious, but the way he looked at me and the expression on his face was telling me I was gross.

He typed in the name of the medication into the computer and snidely told me that Rexall had never sold this medication and never would. I thought maybe I was wrong in the spelling, so I double checked my shopping list and I had it written out correctly.

After he told me they did not carry the drug, he glared at me again and turned away. I felt really embarrassed, he was treating me like I was about to steal something or do something illicit.

I went home and told my partner that they would not sell me the medication. He went to the pharmacy, asked for the same medication and was able to purchase it no problem, no hassle and no icky looks.

So I tried to think of reasons this guy would be so rude to me and the only thing I can think of, since I didn't walk up screaming and demanding for drugs, that he thought I was some sort of punk/goth drug addict or something. Nose ring and artificial hair colour= iniquitous intentions.

I will never go back to that pharmacy because it's clear that I will not be getting decent service (or service at all). I'm well aware that my appearance is not conventional, and I normally don't mind being called names or being treated poorly, but I've never been outright denied service anywhere. It's really done a number on my self esteem.

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