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Boston T Bus service

I had an appointment at 12:30 today. I arrived at the bus station at 11:40, which should have been plenty of time for a 10 minute bus ride. The bus is supposed to run every 15 minutes on Saturday.

Five minutes after I get there, the bus comes by. Only the driver does not stop even though I wave at him and signal that I want to get on. So I waited for the next one. I sat and waited. And waited. Several buses of the other routes pass by in the time I waited. I'm watching the other side too, and the only bus of this route to pass by says Out of Service.

Finally, the next bus shows up at 1:15. No apology. No explanation for where the other buses were. Just yelling at people to hurry up and then yelling at someone who couldn't quite figure out how to use the pay machine.

I was meeting a friend I haven't seen in over a year for lunch and missed her because of the late bus. Really frustrated right now.
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