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My story takes place a few years ago, but the service was so horrible, they're fried in my brain:

March something 2000-

We were in this town for a bike race, and eariler my dad had raced and was quite hungry. Generally he eats a lot of carbs after races, so he was looking for a place that served pasta, and we found one. It was a Saturday night, so that were somewhat busy, but we were sitted within five minutes (there were ten of us). We ordered our drinks, 20 minutes later we get them, and the one lady's coffee that was served to her tasted like it was sitting out all day. But she was nice about it, told the waitress, and got iced tea instead. By this time the place was half full

We orderd, and my mom and I were going to share a small cheese pizza. Two hours later we get our food, half of which was cold. But we didn't complain, we were hungry.

So after I ate, since I'm diabetic, I needed to take an insulin shot. At this time there were five other tables in the place, so I decided to take my shot there, instead of going into the bathroom. As I am pushing the needle in, she bumps into my chair, my needle moves around and I let out a scream. I didn't really think she did this on purpose, but my mom later revealed she eyed my shot, and when she was coming towards me, she went out of her way to get close to me. She didn't say sorry or anything.

Then the lady who order the coffee saw her drinking beer with a coworker while we were waiting for our ticket. We left her a dollar. She then, on our way out, confronted us about this, not like, "Excuse me," but "Hey! You only left me a dollar!" I should also add during this whole time, her attitude was horrible.
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