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New to the community. Hello! *waves*

Okay. So I work in a lab. I do data entry of surgical cases and accession cases for flow cytometry. Friday nights are always busy and I have to stay late, and it was especially busy this Friday because it's a holiday weekend and if you work in the medical field, you know how busy the Friday before a holiday weekend can be.

Anyway, let's cut to the chase. Onto my story.

I was doing some data entry in the lab. I'm usually by myself in the part of the lab I work in since most everyone else goes home at 5 or 6. We have an on-call lab person who stays late on Fridays and works Saturdays, and she left at like 9 or so.

We have our own courier crew that picks up specimens and brings them back to us. Sometimes, though, we have to use a courier service (BeeLine Courier service, that is) because our courier department is understaffed. Also, we have to use an outside courier service especially at night when most of our couriers are gone for the day. Apparently, the cytology lab called this courier service to have something picked up and it was at night, so of course they had no choice because most of our couriers were already gone.

Here's where the fun begins.  Enter the BeeLine courier, who basically comes in and says, "excuse me, where is this supposed to go?"  

To sum it all up, he was a jerkwad who was rude from the get-go, kept on accusing me of trying to argue with him when I was trying to help him, and then it finally got to a point where we were arguing about where a specimen was supposed to go. He kept on saying it was a specimen for X Lab (I'm disclosing the real name of our lab). DUH. I know that. I'm asking you what the specimen is so I can direct you where to go. I even told this idiot about the three different labs we have in the building - flow cytometry, molecular, and cytology. I mean, seriously. He was like, "well, I've been doing this for 10 years - so and so normally drops these things off but he's not doing it tonight and I need you to tell me where this goes." He even said that he knew we had three labs in our building. Uh, okay, then why are you being difficult?

Here's what you do - open up the little bag and pull out the piece of paper. That tells you what kind of specimen it is. Then I tell you which room to take it to. It's not rocket science.

I finally had enough and took the bag from him and told him I'd figure it out. He watches me open the bag and stands over me, then follows me around the building into the cytology lab, then molecular, and then finally I give it to the right people it belongs to - it was something for cytology. I then walked out.

Minutes later, someone from molecular comes in to see if I'm all right and I try to compose myself and get back to work and I told him basically everything. He even said that this guy was rude to some of them back there. I mean, really. REALLY? Our couriers who work for our lab are WAY better than this jerk from BeeLine courier service was. WAY BETTER.

It sucks that we have to use them for some of our stuff we need picked up, but sometimes we have no choice.

This is the first time I have gotten that upset at work.  I've been at my current job for four months now. I try to help the guy from BeeLine out, he pushes me into an argument that he started, then acts like it is I who started the argument (not true), and then finally we get into an argument and I have to do his job for him because he's too stupid to figure out where this specimen is supposed to go and TOO LAZY TO OPEN UP THE BAG WITH THE PAPERWORK AND TELL ME WHAT KIND OF SPECIMEN IT WAS SO I COULD DIRECT HIM TO WHERE HE NEEDED TO GO.

Seriously, I don't have time for that crap.  It took me 15 minutes just to compose myself when I finally got back to my workspace.  That was just uncalled for and I seriously hope I never see him again.

He may have been doing this job supposedly for 10 years but not at our lab.  He was covering for someone else who normally comes in at night to bring stuff on occasion, but then he says he doesn't know where a specimen, that someone from one of the three labs in our building called in, is supposed to go?  I mean really, come on.  I don't care how many years you've been doing this  - you haven't delivered very many things to our lab, or you would have known where it was supposed to go or at the very least, opened up the bag and looked at the paperwork that came with the specimen so you could have told me what the specimen was and I could have shown you personally where to go.  You made this way harder than it needed to be, and cost me about 10 minutes of my time delivering the specimen where it was supposed to go - DOING YOUR JOB, then another 15 minutes for me to regain my composure.

If this isn't a "bad service" experience, I honestly don't know what is.  My good service was taking it to the right place which made the people who were waiting on the specimen happy.  I was doing this guy's job for him because he wouldn't.  That's pretty sad.


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