Clair Brodie (clair_brodie) wrote in bad_service,
Clair Brodie

Izzy's Buffet

I went to the Beaverton Izzy's today because my roommate had seen the lunch buffet sign and since he had never been, my boyfriend and I took him there. This was about the fourth or fifth visit in the past 2 months and the second time introducing someone new.
We got seated fairly quickly and the host asked us if we knew how the buffet worked. Since we had already been there we just said yes and would show our roommate how it worked.
When we went to the grill, I noticed there were prices on the tickets and when asked at the grill if this was an extra cost or if it was included in our lunch she said no it is not extra, everything is included. Between the three of us we ordered several pieces of steak, 2 tacos and 2 orders of fish.
When we went to go back to our seat, we found several people already sitting there even though we had been gone for only a few moments. We went and found someone to assist us in this and we were taken to another table.
Our host came around several times, first to give us our tickets and then to ask if we had received our orders from the grill. He then came back several minutes later and started to write us out new tickets. He handed it to me and I looked at him and asked why we were getting this. He then said 'well you ordered steak, it costs more'. I let him know that we were told at the grill that there should have been no extra cost and he said yes there was. At this time my boyfriend came and sat back down and asked what was wrong and I showed him the ticket and he said the same thing I did. The host then started to show us on the menu where it showed the prices (we did not have a menu at our table, and since we had been there before, the menu on our first table was put to the side).A manager was requested and in agitated tone that he told us there were extra prices when he sat us. Again a manager was requested because even though it was on the menu (that we did not have) we DID inquire about these additional charges.
At this point, we had been there approximately 45 minutes and the 2 orders of fish had still not arrived. The steak had just arrived about 10 minutes prior to that whereas the tacos came right away after we were seated.
The manager came up with the fish and asked if everything was ok. I am fairly certain it was fluke that he came over and I do not think the host had yet asked him to stop at our table. He was told that no, everything was not ok as we were being charged for something that had we not got confirmation of it being included, we would have not ordered. He tried to explain that he has to charge that price because there is no way he can serve steak at a price of $5.99 and that there is nothing that can be done about it. We explained that we did ask at the grill because we would not have ordered from it if we knew and he had the nerve to tell his that her English was not that good so if she is nervous she will answer yes to everything. This is NOT an excuse for something!
He then tried to tell us that since the tacos are 99 cents he can charge us the other things for the price as well. I said to him that this was acceptable until my boyfriend asked him if that would be just 99 cents extra or would that be for each item. We were then told it was for each item. If this was the case, we would then be charged above the $11.99 originally stated so that was not acceptable. The manager said no, he would not charge us more than the price, He then said he would charge each my boyfriend and roommate $9 flat and since I did not have that much, I could still have the $5.99 price.

I feel that him being a manager, he should have charged us the price we thought we were getting since this was our first time lunch buffet, it would have been lesson learned and we would have known for the future. Instead, it will be a while before I go back there because I feel the whole situation was not handled well.
Side note: the only place there was a price was on the ordering tickets. Not on the grill and I still didn't see it on the menu when the guy was holding it.

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