♥Julia♥Rose♥ (prettyamyrose) wrote in bad_service,

Dairy Queen hates me. But that's okay, I hate them too.

Argh, my local Dairy Queen sucks. It's also the only ice cream shop on the route to my workplace. Having a bad week, I decided to get me a little pickmeup for the long shift ahead. Sure, an oreo blizzard doesn't make a great breakfast food and icecream isn't the best way to cope, but what the hell, y'know?

They'd just opened and I was the only customer, but it looked like they were doing prep work still. I can dig that, I'm working in food service and not everything is ready right away when you first open sometimes. So I asked one of the kids about the wait-time for my blizzard, I was told ten minutes. I was cool with that so I flopped down at one of the tables to wait it out.

But then I overheard one of the girls whisper as she gestured to me, "Like she needs it, look at her."

The second girl politely replied, "Maybe she's pregnant."

Ouch. Just... ouch.

Okay, yeah, I've gained a good twenty pounds since highschool--stopped going to the gym and got a beer belly going because of my obvious lack of good sense in food... Perhaps my choice of clothes wasn't the best, because the keg that was once a six pack hung over the belt a bit (though it was covered decently by my shirt!)... But damn, did she have to point it out, even if it was to her coworker?

I called over to cashier-boy that he didn't need to make the blizzard, I was going. So I left sans blizzard. And sans refund, too, because I was just too mortified.

EDIT: Thank you guys, all of you. Man, I really appreciate suggestions and offers of help and all the sweet things you said. I won't be asking for compensation, I'll swallow my pride and the cash, but I will write a letter to corporate in hopes this will be addressed. Thanks again, you all rock so hardcore.
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