Chloe (swevene) wrote in bad_service,

Bad service from my psychiatrist

So I have been seeing the same psychiatrist for about five or six years now and while he's never been stellar, my complaints have been pretty minimal. Yesterday, however, I had an appointment that somehow became a clusterfuck.

My appointment was at four, I arrived at three-thirty and was called in about three forty-five. The receptionist had left for the day, but that's pretty normal. My psychiatrist got my file and we had a talk about how I'd been since my last appointment, some concerns I had, etc. He writes out my prescription, I notice he's added Xanax (he didn't mention it, but I wasn't surprised since anxiety was one of the things I talked about) and I leave without taking a closer look at my prescription, which I probably should have.

I didn't go refill my prescription right away, but I took a look at it later that night and noticed that the antidepressant on the prescription was fluoxetine, not Cipralex (aka Lexapro/escitalopram) which is the pill I've been taking. Also, the name doesn't look like mine- the first initial is an S, not a C, and the last name bears some resemblance to mine but mostly doesn't look like a name at all.

I phoned the office today while the receptionist was there, only to find out that there was no evidence that I had an appointment yesterday. After feeling like I had possibly had a mild psychotic break and only thought I'd gone to the doctor, the poor confused receptionist and I figured out that he a) hadn't written my appointment down in his book when he arranged it with me and b) had grabbed someone else's chart. And written notes in it, and given me their refill. The receptionist still hasn't figured out whose it was, but apparently it certainly wasn't mine.

Am I wrong in thinking that this extremely bad practice? I can't imagine that having my notes will help this doctor figure out how to help the other patient whose notes I got! And what if he'd asked me a personal question from the file? It seems like very bad service to me, especially since I now have to spend a morning going down to fix his mistake and get my proper prescription. I guess I'm lucky I didn't need that refill right away or I'd be missing a couple of days of my medication.
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