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"I call it Caribbean Drano"

Dear Student Finance,

Yeah, I know. Here we go a-fucking-gain.

I prayed, you know? I prayed on my knees, and I wished on every falling star, penny in the fountain, and birthday cake I could find that you would not cock up. I hung rabbit feet, cut enough clover to carpet my house in it, and threw so much salt around I'm gonna be set come winter and the snow for the end of my days and...

It. Didn't. Work.
You fucked up, YET AGAIN.

We are not even in the new academic year yet! It's August  and you ARE STILL FUCKING UP.

We sent in our documents in by the beginning of ....July, I believe? And recieved nothing. No phone call, no nothing and when I checked online, all appeared to be well.

Yesterday, I checked online, and lo and behold, something had gone wrong and the application had not been processed beyond a certain point. Please note, they had sent us nothing since the 14/07/2012 and that was a confirmation email, to say everythign was fine.

Now it's telling me something has gone wrong on my application and they have contacted me to correct it; about the second or third week of July. But they haven't. For over a month and a half, they haven't done jack shit to contact us, and we checked the information - the right numbers and addresses are on the system.

We phone up, check with an agent, only to determine that nothing is wrong. All the documentation is correct, and the application should not have been halted.

He suspected that because my mother had used an end of March payslip, instead of a P60 document, that someone took one look at it, didn't see the normal documents, and had halted it, without actually looking at it.

It's been sent to the Resolution team, apparently, whatever that is, and they think within about five days they'll have fixed it, but I do not understand why they hadn't contacted me - if I hadn't checked randomly, I would never have known something was wrong, and things could have been very difficult to fix come September and the new term....

I am just petrified of starting the year again without finances because of this delay. I don't want to do that again - I'm already possibly looking at repeating a year, I can't bear the thought of going back without any money.

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