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Today was my parents' 41st wedding anniversary. On Sunday, my father called a restaurant in our hometown to make a reservation for dinner. This restaurant is fairly new, and so he was excited to take my mom there to try out their seafood, which is their specialty. Dad called me earlier today to tell me he'd made the reservation and asked me to keep it a surprise, which I did. While we were on the phone, I looked up the restaurant online, and was perplexed to come across the following on their Facebook page:

"[Restaurant] will be closed Monday and Tuesday until the middle of September."

I read that to my dad over the phone, and we both agreed that it was very strange. He said that he'd spoken to someone at the restaurant on Sunday and was clear about wanting the reservation for Tuesday (today), and that if he took my mom and it turned out to be closed, they'd find an alternative.

Well, they got to the restaurant, and sure enough...it was closed.

My dad said there was some valet guy there who was explaining everything to the customers who'd shown up, and was very apologetic. Luckily, my parents were able to get a table at a different restaurant across the street, and had a very nice anniversary dinner. But that's still a pretty crappy thing for the restaurant to do: a) To its customers, especially those who made reservations; and b) To some hapless valet guy who probably didn't even get the full story from management and might've ended up with some pretty irate would-be diners. Sigh. :\

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