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Minor but annoying: Water Company

This morning, we got out of bed to find that the water was off. This was not major for us, as I keep several days' worth of water on hand for emergencies and I just used some of that stock. However, once my husband was off to work and I had a moment to sit down, I checked my email and found a warning that our water would be off today.

The timestamp on it was eight-eighteen this morning. The body of the email said it would be off at nine, possibly for eight hours or so, and that we should draw water for the day ahead of time.

Um. Forty-two minutes of notice, really? And if one didn't sit on one's computer like a hen with an egg all day, you'd never know ahead of time.

(We didn't have a snowball's chance of actually reading it within that timeframe since he works swing shift and usually gets to bed about two in the morning. While the water company cannot be expected to know our schedule, a little more than forty-two minutes' notice would be nice.)

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