Turn My Lips Blue (cocacola_sorrow) wrote in bad_service,
Turn My Lips Blue

The Story of the Little Hairdresser Who Could Not Stop Pushing

In mid 2008, an acquaintance of mine had a fantastic haircut and when I asked her about it, she recommended an alternative hair salon called "Furr" in Newtown. At the time, my fringe was triangular shaped like this and since my old hairdresser had been fired, and every subsequent hair stylist had botched it up, I decided to give Furr a shot since they had models with triangular fringes on their website.

However, when I called them up and asked them how much a fringe cut was, I was quoted $75.00. When I asked why it was so high and that I didn't want a restyle or trim, they said that since it was my first visit there, I'd need a consultation and they couldn't let me leave without looking my best since it reflected on their salon. That was their policy, fine, but since all I needed was a fringe cut and couldn't afford $75.00, I thanked them and went elsewhere.

Fast forward to July 2009, when I actually needed a restyle. I visited Furr and got a cut with layers put in and I was genuinely happy with the cut, especially the fringe, however I felt uncomfortable as the hairdresser kept pushing me to a) get long human hair extensions and b) to dye my hair platinum blonde. Even after I politely explained to her that a) There's no way in hell I can afford hair extensions and b) My hair is naturally golden blonde and I don't want to lose my colour, she continued to push. Whatever, I know salons make a lot of their money off products so I didn't care too much, paid my $75.00 and made an appointment for later in the year. Where again I was pushed to get hair extensions and dye jobs. And silver pillow liners.

This turned out to be the pattern every single time I went. Wait, that's not true. One time I got pushed to get extensions, a dye job and this. It didn't matter that I was a broke university student. It didn't matter that I didn't have the time for the upkeep for extensions or blonde dye. No matter what excuse I gave the hairdresser, she wouldn't stop pushing to the point that I hated getting my haircut. She then started telling me to hit up my family and friends for money.

2009: Hairdresser: It's Christmas (2009). Tell your family to give you hair extensions for Christmas.

2010:Hairdresser: So why don't you save up some money to buy hair extensions?
cocacola_sorrow: Actually, my boyfriend's living in London at the moment and I'm saving every dollar I have to fly over there and see him
Hairdresser: So tell your friends and family to give you money towards hair extensions since you can't save money for them. Tell they need to buy them for you since you can't afford them.

The worst part was in September 2010, when my father was in hospital dying of cancer. I'd also been really, really sick and just released from hospital so I went to get my hair fixed to cheer myself up. Once again the hairdresser began to push and push about hair extensions and dying my hair. I told her that I had no money and I'd just come back from Europe but she continued ad nauseum until I finally just said that "Well, my dad's in hospital riddled with cancer and my family had huge medical bills so hair extensions aren't really a priority right now". She just kind of looked at me with this sour expression and didn't say much afterwards. That was the last time I went to the salon- I'd really just had it. It kind of sucks because the cuts were really good.

I also felt a huge amount of attitude from all the salon staff every time I went there- I don't know whether it was because I wasn't spending huge amounts (normally $20.00 or $75.00), because I declined her hairstyle ideas, because I didn't look alternative enough or because I wasn't adventurous enough with my hair. I just felt like they were really, really unfriendly.
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