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I may not look like the breadwinner

Servers: here's a 'tip'

Good service means trying to provide service of equal quality to all members of your table

And not dote just on who looks like they're most stereotypically/statistically most probable to give you a tip

I went out for lunch with a small group (4 people), it was not very busy and my friends' dining experiences differed quite a bit from mine

How their orders were taken:

Server: "Well how are you today, what will you be having?" :D :D :D *gigglegiggle*

How my order was taken:

Server: *looks at me in silence* :|

How their refills went: they could barely attempt to drink four or five sips before their drinks were refilled

How my refills went: I was the only person at the table sitting with an empty glass for 10 minutes

My friends were able to eat their meals at a leisurely pace. I had 1/4 of my plate still full, was still eating and sharing the rest of my food with the table. Our server asked me not once, not twice, but three different times if she could take my plate after I politely told her that I was still working on it. My friends even chimed in lightheartedly that they wished to keep sampling off my plate. She only attempted to remove plates from the rest of the group if the plates were completely polished off.

She seemed rather shocked when it came time to hand over the bill and I was the one to reach over and take it. And she received a less than stellar tip on a rather hefty bill.

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