snowstormskies (snowstormskies) wrote in bad_service,

Rugs need rain, right?

Let me start by laying out the situation.

My mother is selling her house - and has been travelling backwards and forwards from there to her new place, clearing out the house slowly because she has had surgery for a replacement knee.  Please note: the exchange doesn't happen until Thursday 23rd of August, so the house is still hers and she can keep stuff inside until the keys are handed over tomorrow which means it is her property. But the new owner of the house has requested access to it because he has hired builders who are free to come and go to repair the trench in the floor, and repoint the brickwork.

However, she returned to the house today to collect some rugs and some windows that were left there - the last items in the house - , only to find that the builders have moved the rolled up rugs outside, where they were destroyed by the bloody tornado style weather we've had in the last few days, as well as a chest of drawers, and a chair that belong to the new owner.

They had no reason to move it that far out - they could have stored them in the hall, or on the landing given that they were only fitting carpets in the bedroom, the utility and the living room  and they've now ruined over £500 pounds worth of rugs.

My mother has called the solicitors and requested a call back because she is going loopy.

Edit: Changed date to the 23rd because apparently calendars are beyond me now. >.> Stupid brain.
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