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Dental suck

I had all four of my wisdom teeth out a few weeks ago! Hooray~

My regular dentist referred me to an oral surgeon's office, apparently one of the best in the state. When I go in for the consultation appointment, the surgeon that I'm assigned to promises that I'll be "totally back to normal in three days ~smilesmile~ :D". This was the first bit of suck imo, since the pamphlet I was given after the surgery plus everything else I read afterwards said that the third day was the worst for swelling, etc. But silly lil' me actually went and believed him and, since I wanted to get it over with before school started, we scheduled the surgery for the Monday 5 days before a trip I'd planned (my own stupid fault, yes yes I know).

So the day comes when I'm forced to part with my teeth. The surgery goes well (or so I thought), I get all drugged up and go home with a healthy dose of antibiotics and painkillers in preparation for the next few days of hell.

A few days later, I'm all puffed up and grumpy about having to cancel that trip when I decide to take a closer look at my stitches to see how they're doing.

The stitches looked great.

The random huge piece of bone sticking out of my gum?

Looked like it was doing okay, having a blast just chilling there.


So I freak out and panic and schedule an appointment for the surgeon to take a look at this thing, since my mind immediately snapped to "augh it's my jawbone why is it there did he forget a stitch nooooo" mode and wanted to make sure that everything was okay.

When the appointment rolls around, after an hour in the waiting room I'm placed with the same surgeon (policy, apparently), he literally pokes the exposed bone with his finger and confirms that it's my jawbone. No worries though, I just need to give it two weeks and the gum will cover it! Great!

Cut to two weeks later, my gum hasn't even started to cover it and the bone is covered in holes and black spots.

Today I went back for obvious reasons and through a little nagging got to see one of the office's head surgeons. He looked at the bone for two seconds, told me it was a bone fragment/root that hadn't been yanked, and proceeded to do said yanking. I was out of the building in less than ten minutes.

I'm ridiculously pissed right now. This wasn't some little sliver that worked its way through the gum over a couple weeks, this thing was the size of a fresh pencil eraser and there from the start. How in holy hell do you miss something that big when you're operating on someone, and again when you have the chance to look it over when it's not all bloody and gross? I swear I thought they'd have to remove part of my jaw, it looked so bad @_@

Oh well. Another week of salt rinses awaits.

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