Astrianna the Sleepy Warlord (sleepywarlord) wrote in bad_service,
Astrianna the Sleepy Warlord

Angry McDonald's Employee

Summary: Went to McDonald's, ordered 10 selects and a frozen strawberry lemonade, paid 11 something for them, *know* I ordered/paid for selects, got nuggets. Went back to the window (because there was no walk-in restaurant section, and the line-up was crazy long) and told them of the mistake. Except a simple, oops, here ya go, but was met with an angry employee who insisted I was trying to cheat the company out $2-4 (whatever the price difference is), and I needed to get back in line and pay them because HE KNEW I only paid for nuggets (despite him not taking my order, and not taking my money-- he was giving the food out). Yes, I made a mistake trying to walk back up to the window, I acknowledge that. His attitude was *not* needed though. He could've said "oops, Sorry about that. I can't help you here though, you'll have to line-up again and ask for a manager!" or something along those lines instead of insta-aggression.


I visited (XYZ) store location, in city, state on Monday August 20th, 2012 at (time). I ordered ten pieces chicken selects and a medium frozen strawberry lemonade, the total came out to be 11.(something), and I confirmed my order was correct by the monitor. I paid the cashier, advanced, and got my food from (name). It was only after I had passed through the drive-thru that I realized there was a mistake in my order. I completely understand that these kind of things happen, and so I am not writing you concerning the mistake but the nature in which the employee (name-- ) handled the situation. I parked my car, and walked back up to the drive-thru window, which I understand now was a mistake on my behalf. I thought it could be easily remedied this way without having to wait again in the long line (because, as you probably know, the walk-in portion of the restaurant was closed for renovations). When I explained that I had been given nuggets instead of the selects I ordered, (name) told me I was incorrect, and that I had paid for the nuggets and there was a price difference and I needed to pay it. I was a bit shocked since I know what I ordered, I saw it on the monitor, and was positive 10 chicken nuggets didn't cost ~$8. I told him I had paid for the selects, and still (name) insisted I hadn't, and told me to "drive your car around and pay the difference." His tone and attitude was unnecessary, and I was a bit flabbergasted that anyone in customer service would speak to a customer so rudely for pointing out a simple mistake. I went back in line, and requested the selects I paid for once again. The manager on duty fixed the order and the situation was righted in the end, and I'm thankful for that. I just believed it was important to bring it to your attention that (name), who is the last line of representation of McDonald's at this store, is speaking to customers rudely and is not providing good, if any, customer service.



Any advice on wording/editing the letter would be greatly appreciated. I'm sure I've made some mistakes as I'm trying to write calmly but still annoyed about the whole thing.
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