Kireny (kireny) wrote in bad_service,

I really hate USPS

So since complaining several times about our delivery women damaging items because she refuses to come up to the door - she just shoves it into the mailbox, places it on the door of mailbox like its a shelf or leaves on the curb next to the mailbox - nothing has changed. The postmaster just tells me they'll "talk with her about it" but I don't know if they actually do because she keeps doing it. I try to avoid using USPS but on Amazon market place, there are times I don't really have a choice. I've had it though, on both Thursday and Friday she delivered textbooks for college; since they were soft cover books, she FOLDED the packages in half and shoved them into the mail box. Both the books have huge creases in the covers and don't lay flat anymore, I will not be able to sell them back to amazon in this condition and now I'm losing even more money here. 

I called the 800 number and the women gave me the phone number for consumer affairs in Philadelphia because she said they're the ones I have to go to if the local post office isn't handling the problem. I called them on Thursday morning and had to leave a message, no one ever called me back. Friday afternoon I called the 800 number again to see if there was anyone higher up I could go to and was given the address for Consumer Advocate in DC. The women I spoke to the second time said to write the Adovcate a formal letter if I haven't heard back from Consumer Affairs by Wednesday. 
I have pictures of the textbooks and the evenlopes they came in (along with several other packages she has damaged over the last few months), should I include those if/when I write the letter? 
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