Jenni (chaospearl) wrote in bad_service,


To the guy working behind the deli counter at BWI airport yesterday.  You suck.  I understand that English is obviously not your first language and as soon  as I realized that, and so realized that you might not have understood me because it was noisy and I spoke quickly, I repeated myself slowly and clearly.  How difficult is it to understand "What is your soup today?"  I repeated several times because you weren't answering my question, not because I heard your accent and assumed  you must be stupid.  I'm aware that increasing my volume is not going to somehow help the language barrier (why do so many people speak LOUDLY to foreigners as if the problem is that they're not being heard?), but I  thought that speaking more slowly and enunciating more clearly would make it easier for you to understand me.  Apparently it only made you mad.  First you told me that soup comes in cups  or bowls.  Then you told me the price  for each.  I could see both of those facts on the large menu alongside the words Soup Of The Day.  Then you explained that the soup was not ready yet and it would be another twenty minutes.  Each time you gave me a new piece of information your tone became shorter and more annoyed, and each time I smiled and repeated, "No, I just want to know WHAT KIND of soup you have today."  By our third or fourth exchange you were clearly angry -- I only have high school Spanish but I do know the swear words and what you called me was not acceptable by any standard of language.  You snapped at me to speak to the cashier about the soup and to stop wasting your time because you had other customers.  I stepped around and spoke to the cashier, but she understood less English than you do.  Fortunately there was a very sweet lady in line next to me who spoke both English and Spanish fluently and she stepped in without even being asked and translated my question so the cashier could immediately tell me about the cream of chicken soup.  Then she turned back to your rude ass and started firing rapid and angry Spanish at you and gesturing towards me.  I don't know what she was saying, but  judging from the way you immediately looked ashamed of yourself and slunk into the back, I bet she told you off for calling me the word you did, assuming that I couldn't understand it.

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