Eve (aoife) wrote in bad_service,

3 Baby Bad Services

For Reference: Among every other medical issue, I have a severe problem with my right leg among other things and now use a wheelchair most of the time when I'm outside my own home.

Baby Bad Services of the Week:

1. Bus driver drives straight past me at bus stop without stopping. I'm waving frantically for the damn thing to stop. I have the bus's 5-digit number and my complaint letter was ... biting. This happens more often than it should.

2. Okay. I get that there are sales on, but my wheelchair is narrower than the dimensions given in the DDA if iirc. So I should be able to get between the clothes stands without demolishing them! but of course i can't, I get stuck and knock a stand over trying to get out and the girls on the shop floor were both bitchy and insulting.

3. When two people enter the shop and one is able-bodied and the other is in a wheelchair and a good deal of your saleable goods are out of reach, fawning over the able-bodied one and leaving the wheelchair bound customer to struggle is inconsiderate.

tl;dr - girl who uses wheelchair has had a lousy week and is ranting

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