philstar22 (philstar22) wrote in bad_service,

The earlier cleaning post reminded me of my recent cleaner bad service.

So, I was having this service do some cleaning at my apartment once a month. A couple of weeks ago, I had graduated and was about to move out of my apartment. So I called and scheduled my final clean.

When the people who do it came, I told them I was moving out. They saw that I had some paper towels and garbage bags that I was just going to have to throw out because I couldn't ship them to my new place out of state. So they asked if they could take them. I said okay.

So I leave to let them work. I come back to find that not only did they take the stuff I said they could, they took all the cleaning supplies that I had set out to box and the plunger from my bathroom. None of which was anywhere near the paper towels and stuff I said they could take. And it wasn't like they thought I wasn't coming back and was giving them everything because there were several boxes and other things to box still out that they did not take.

The bill comes, and it is one hundred more than our agreed upon price. I call to find out what was going on. Turns out, they have a special "moving out" price for final cleans because the cleaners are supposedly doing extra stuff like cleaning the fridge and stove and stuff. Except that I did both those things and they did only the same things they'd done every week. Except that none of their material mentions this special price, the written information I have from them doesn't say this, and none of our agreed prices reflected any special fees.

And of course, the clean was the day I moved out, so there is no real way of getting back my stuff. And while the person in charge said she'd refund me a little bit (those was her exact words), I've yet to see that on my account.
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