Andrea (allywonderland) wrote in bad_service,

USPS you suck

On MARCH 6 I mailed 8 packages to various destinations, including 3 to Canada. All were sent with proper insurance/delivery confirmation. If you've never shipped international through USPS it cost about $25 per package. Sucks, but such is doing business.

All my other ebayers were happy, I actually shipped ANOTHER package the same way to the same buyer and he received it. But the March 6 package apparently never showed up. Sadly he didn't let me know this until April 16. I go check delivery confirmation and it was last scanned March 16 at Canadian customs and nothing after that. =(

I call USPS they tell me that Canadian post has no responsibility to scan the delivery barcode so it was probably delivered and just not scanned. (Why didn't you tell me this before I paid for that service? I wouldn't have shipped with you!)

Ebayer opens paypal claim, paypal of course finds in his favor and I'm out $200. USPS has the claim open but it takes 90 days. So I wait. And wait. And wait.

Finally sometime in May I talk to someone at claims processing who says "oh clearly this is lost I'll send you PS form 1000 fill it out, take it to your post office and we'll start processing the insurance claim." PRAISE THE LORD! So they mail it to me, I returned it on May 14. I get the form returned to me about a week later with a letter that says "Please don't send this to us until we send it to you." YOU DID SEND IT TO ME!

I call again July 5th and they say "Oh we sent you PS form 1000 3 weeks ago." Yeah I never got. Awesome. So I just took my already filled out form 1000 back down to the post office. I'm told it should take 30 days. By both the staff at the post office and the claims management people on the phone.

August 5th comes and goes nothing. I call August 6th and I get a recorded message that tells me they have no record of that claim. o_O

I finally get a real person on August 7th. Who tells me that no, they have 45 days to decide the validity of an insurance claim. So it should be decided on August 20th. And then it will take 7 to 10 days. So I won't receive payment until between the 27th and 30th IF THEY DECIDE IN MY FAVOR.

I have been out $200 for almost 5 months now. I have spent more time on the phone with the post office than with my best friend. I have dragged both my children into the local office at least 6 times. Seriously, this is ridiculous. And I just *KNOW* that somehow they're not going to pay me. I just know it! I'll never ship through USPS ever again. EVER. I've already started restricting all my ebay auctions to domestic shipping which seriously cuts into my profits.
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