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In N' Out

My mother sent me to this place I've not ever visited, because she heard from her co-workers that they had good chicken wings. Ookay. So I went to get her lunch. And me lunch. Both.

Stared at the menu a bit, at the walk-up wire-mesh window in the 90-degree Florida sun. Was asked what I wanted. Said I was thinking. Okay, sure, go ahead. Was asked what I want, again, in a minute or so, and I open my mouth to answer, and the guy says, "Well, go ahead and keep reading the menu."


I make my order - cheeseburger, wings, onion rings, tater tots ('cause I totally didn't see fries on the menu until too late), and a root beer. Woman who takes my order yells it all back, one at a time, to the food people. And the person vanished from the window. More people walked up. We all waited. Finally a guy sticks his head up to the window and yells my total. I misheard him the first time, and handed him $6 for my $10 order. He took it, closed the window, rang it up, then stuck his head out again and said, "NINE (somethingsomethingchange)!" So I apologized, took back the money and handed him a twenty...

Got my change and he started waiting on other people. A woman standing next to me says, "Don't worry about that guy, he's an asshole, everyone knows it." Mmmkay.

Window opens again, and he thrusts two bags at me before disappearing. I said, "I had a drink," while (for the first time in my life, actually) digging through the bags to make sure everything I ordered was there. They messed around abit inside before he ripped off the receipt and held it out to me, saying, "I didn't charge you for a root beer." Then he, again, closed the window. I said, "I ordered one" as he started waiting on another person.

Then I realized it was too damn hot and I was too annoyed to stand another ten minutes in the sun for the sake of a drink I could get at any gas station, said, "Oh, fuck it," and left.

Went back to my mother's workplace and said, "The food better be great because the service sucks." I told her I was going to call and speak to the manager, and she said I should tell them that she and her co-workers at the county health department frequently order food from that place, as it's just down the street.

"Oooh, threats," I said. "They'd listen to me for sure."

Back home, I made my call, asked for the manager. Guy that answered said he was the manager, and I said that I had a complaint about the service I'd just recieved - before I could get into detail, though...

"Oh, um, you didn't pay for a root beer, I saw the receipt."

I said, I ordered it, and that the man at the window had been quite rude and wouldn't let me re-order my drink. He said something I honestly don't recall now, but it made me wonder if it was the same man, so I said, "Oh, are you the one who took my order?"

He said, "No, but I was listening." And then proceeded to tell me that sometimes that guy is like that, and that it was lunch rush (6 people at 11:45 I would not call rush), and that he was sorry.

I said, "Well, he was quite rude and it was very frustrating and insulting."

Manager said he's sorry and it'll never happen again.

I said, "Well, I won't be coming back, but that's good to know."

Manager said, "OK." At which point I simply hung up on him.
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