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FedEx Awful Service

Ugh, this was just incredibly frustrating.

About three weeks ago I had to send my camera to Canon to be repaired. Unfortunately before my camera was sent back to me my now ex very suddenly broke up with me one day, and I had to quickly move back to my parents' house. By the time I contacted Canon to update my address they had already shipped my camera out.

On Wednesday I get a text from the ex. It's a picture of a FedEx "Sorry we missed you!" door tag. I tried looking up the door tag number on FedEx's website so I could have them either reroute the package to my parents' house, or send it to the FedEx store in Saugus so I could pick it up. According to the FedEx website, the door tag number doesn't exist. Fine, I call FedEx, but oh they can't find the number either, the delivery driver must not have scanned it in. Irritating, but I can deal. I text the ex, tell him what's going on, and tell him they'll attempt to deliver to his apartment again because there's literally nothing I can do.

Thursday, I get another text from the ex. Another door tag was left at his place, and it says it was a final attempt at delivery and to pick up my package at the FedEx delivery center in Billerica, which is about 45 minutes from where I live. I find it strange that FedEx only made two delivery attempts before saying it was a final attempt as they typically do three. I notice the door tag number is different from the previous one, so I once again try looking it up on FedEx's website. The number doesn't exist again. Call FedEx again, they can't find the number either. Once again, the driver didn't scan the number in. I'm annoyed now, but figure I can pick up my package when I leave for my mini vacation Friday. Text the ex, tell him I'll pick up the two door tags when he's at work Friday, and head to Billerica myself to get the package.

Cue Friday. I get up early, head over to the apartment I used to live at, grab the tags, and head to the FedEx distribution center. I checked the tags and they are dated 8/1 and 8/2, with 8/1 being labelled as "First Attempt" and 8/2 being labelled "Final Attempt" with instructions to pick up the package myself. There is an option for a "Second Attempt" but neither tag has been marked as such, so again, I find it strange only two attempts had been made.

I head to their shipping center, and when I get there I give the lady there the two door tags, and tell her what my package contains. She goes to look up the door tag numbers and says she can't find them. I tell her that I had tried looking them up as well but they never worked. She rolls her eyes, as if this is something she deals with often, and tells me she find my package based on the address it was supposed to be delivered to. She goes out back to the shipping center, so I wait. And wait. And wait. And wait.

15 minutes later she comes back, and I can tell by her face there's a problem. My fucking camera is on the truck on the way to my ex's place again. The woman is immediately apologetic, and says she's upset because she doesn't know why the driver would only make two attempts, then tell me to pick it up myself, then try to deliver it anyway. I'm obviously on edge over this (I'm a photographer for a living so not having my main camera has been stressful), and other things so I actually want to start crying. She asks me if I can go to the apartment and pick up the camera and I tell her no, I can't because to get back is going to take me probably about an hour by now, and also, I'm supposed to leave for vacation right after this. She asks if there is anywhere the driver can meet me, and I tell her no, and reiterate that I'm supposed to leave soon. At this point this other woman had come to the office, and kind of gives me an attitude about it. She asked why I couldn't simply go back to the apartment to which I snapped at her that 1) I don't live there anymore, and 2) I NEED TO LEAVE. To kind of emphasize the amount of stress I was in, I told her that all I could do was text my ex boyfriend and ask if he was home to sign for it. My voice literally cracked at that point, and all she did was throw her arms up exasperatedly and walk away.

So while I'm waiting to hear back from the ex the first woman gets on the phone with her supervisor and tells him what's going on. She tells him everything the driver did from not scanning in the door tag numbers, to telling me to pick up the package myself and then delivering it instead. The supervisor fucking defends the driver as having made a "human error" at which point the woman, who I will say was trying very hard to help me, yelled at him that it wasn't human error, the driver shouldn't have done any of those things. She gets off the phone with the supervisor and calls the driver again, who gets angry at me. From what I could tell of her end of the conversation he seemed to keep asking what I was doing at the distribution center because she kept yelling at him "Because you told her to come here!"

Since it was taking too long to hear from my ex I told the woman to tell the driver to bring the package to the apartment and if the landlord was home have him sign for it, and I could get it from him later, and that if no one was home if they could reroute the package to the FedEx store in Saugus. The woman said yes, that's what they would do. She got me an actual tracking number that I could look up on their website later, and she gave me her name and work number so I could call her if anything went wrong. I did apologize for getting upset with her at first because I know none of this is her fault, but I did tell her that was a really stupid thing for their driver to do.

I text the ex again (at this point being somewhat thankful that we're at least being civil with each other after everything) and tell him the plan. About an hour later I get a text from the ex. He tells me the package was delivered and that the driver was a complete asshole. The driver apparently yelled at my ex and claimed that he had called me multiple times that morning. Yeah, I had one missed call on my phone at 9 in the morning with no voicemail. I don't even know if that was the driver, but why the hell would you not leave a voicemail or at least try calling again when I didn't answer, maybe not at 9 in the morning??

I am livid at this point. I call the distribution center and ask to speak with the woman I spoke to earlier, but she had left for the day. The man I spoke to was completely useless. I went over what had happened that day and just told him that I didn't appreciate being give the run around, and then to hear that he was giving the person who signed for it an attitude was just the icing on the cake. So the guy on the phone turns around and goes "Well, I don't want to point any fingers, but you know, there was probably some confusion with the address (um, NO), or maybe the driver is just having a bad day blah blah blah" pretty much implied that maybe it was my fault all this happened, and that hey, he's just a having a bad day so I should just let it go. I was fuming by the time I was done talking to that man. Oh, and he asked me not to call their corporate office over this but wouldn't specify why.

I just found the whole situation ridiculous, and a complete waste of my time. I would probably be fine with most of what happened, except for the fact that no one seems to think that any of this is the driver's fault, except that one woman I spoke to. I am planning on calling their corporate office tomorrow, I'm not expecting anything, but I just think they should know how their employees are acting.

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