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Do not ever stay at the Worldgate Resort Orlando

^__^ ok first, let me say this. I'm ok. .

This past weekend my boyfriend and I went to Florida to a convention. The hotel we stayed at was called the Worldgate Orlando Resort. They just apparently redone the place. All in TILE. The guest rooms were tiled all the hallways were tiled. And there was a pool open 24 hours a day. And never enough towels. And No Wet Floor signs.

The very first night we're there, not even 2 hours after being there, I got into costume stepped outside my room, walked 3 doors down and BAM!

My right leg swung out in front of me, my left leg behind me, and all of my weight onto my left knee. I had slipped on a puddle of water that was outside someone's door on the third floor, away from the pool.
I screamed for my friend Alex who came running out and saw me sprawled on the floor. The Maintenance guy came and says "Water? I don't see any water" Well, no, that's because I'm in it. [I don't say this. I'm too busy blubbering and crying in pain.] Then he says " Well I have No idea where it could have come from.

The only thing I said to any of this, was I wondered who's brilliant idea it was to tile every inch of a hotel, with a pool that is open 24/7 that led right into the hotel with no areas to "dry off" [not that anyone would it seemed.]

Anyways, I hobble back to my room, and the guy asks me if I wanna see an emt..then says "if so, you're required to take a drug and alcohol test" o,O Fine! I don't do any of that anyways!

"And we're not calling an ambulance" o,O WTF dude?

So my boyfriend goes to speak to the "manager" and she says they can but it will come out of my pocket. So 45 min after the fall my friend, and my boyfriend bring me to the hospital. Which btw was a WONDERFUL hospital! O,O

Turns out I have a sprained knee on the verge of being a torn ligament. fun.

So we go back and it's a different person at the desk who says he's NOT the manager. o,O

Turns out, the lady [Lisa] who claimed to be the manager was NOT the manager. And the guy [Trey] who claimed Not to be the manager...WAS the manager!

Oh and they offered a wheelchair. One lonely Busted wheelchair. [They being the hotel.]

There was also...dirty sheets, roaches, ants, Black Mold.
The whole weekend the hotel treated me like a criminal even though i was nothing but polite to them. I didn't scream out that i was suing or anything like that. But they did Nothing to help at all. All they did was move me to a "suite" Which was just as bad as the other rooms. THEN they Double Charged us for it! o,O

So..yeah don't Ever EVER EVER go to Worldgate Orlando Resort. EVER!

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