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I hate not having exact change for the jeep.
Every day I take the same jeep routes to work, the first one from my house to a route interchange costs P10 and the second from that route interchange to the Makati-Mandaluyong bridge costs P8 (I just walk the 1.3KM to my office from there).  
If I hand the driver anything except exact change I get bounced around.
This morning I handed a P20 bill and he passed back P5.  So I asked "Bakit limat piso sukli lang?  Bayadko beinte pesos Acacia lane galing Pureza." (Why only five pesos change? I paid fare of 20 pesos for Acacia lane coming from Pureza)
So the driver hands back 1 peso.
I said "Araw-araw ang bayad P10, bakit maraming dito?" (Every day the fare is 10 pesos, why is it more here/now?)
So he hands back two more pesos.
I gave up.
So I still ended up paying P2 more for fare than I should have.

P2 isn't much by itself but this happens ALL THE TIME and it adds up after a while.
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