robertr4836 (robertr4836) wrote in bad_service,

Italian Cold Cut Sub with Spaghetti Sauce - WTF?

I stopped by the sandwich shop in the supermarket to pick up an Italian sub for lunch. When the girl making the sub went to the fridge to get the cold cuts her co-worker accidentally splattered spaghetti sauce on my sub roll. I figured the girl making my sub would notice and get a new roll but I made sure to pay attention in case I needed to point it out to her.

What I didn’t expect was that she would notice the spaghetti sauce and use the cold cuts in her hand like a dishrag to wipe the sauce off the roll before putting the cold-cut/spaghetti sauce combo into the roll. So, instead of pointing out the sauce in case she missed it, I asked her for a new sub without the sauce.

She seemed surprised (by the fact that I was paying attention and noticed or by the fact that I actually wanted a cold-cut sub without spaghetti sauce – not sure which) but made the new sub with no problem which is why this is a WTF instead of bad service.
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