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More a WTF than truly bad service, but still...

Okay, my husband and I ride (motorcycles) and last weekend we attended a fairly big local bike rally. There are always vendors of everything a motorcyclist could want, need, or be inspired to buy on a whim, and so of course we made the rounds of the booths.

Now, one of the chains on my vest had lost one snap and I was looking for a replacement. One booth had a lot of glittery chrome-y stuff in trays, so I approached it (my husband was off using the facilities).

I had no time to do more than glance at the tray in front of me (which happened to be bracelets) before the woman staffing it rushed over and said "Can I help you find anything?"

Such eager service startled me a little, as most vendors are content to let you browse undisturbed, but I answered her readily enough, "Ah, I was looking for 'fatgirl chains'," indicating my vest and smiling.

She looked me straight in the eye and snapped, "They're called vest extenders."

I lost the smile, waited a moment for her to continue, and when she didn't, bit my tongue (to stop myself from offering to buy her a sense of humor) before asking, "...uh, do you have any?"

She didn't snap this time, but her answer was still brusque: "No."

I failed to keep a tinge of sarcasm out of my voice as I said, "Oh. Thanks anyway--" and turned away without waiting for a reply.

"Fat" is not a dirty word. If customers looking for a fairly common item (using a fairly common nickname: my ex ALWAYS called them "fatboy chains") bother you, perhaps you should stay home. (I bought my replacement chain elsewhere.)

ETA: For the omg-it's-OFFENSIVE debate below: here's a sample of working conditions at such a rally. They WILL be displayed on your customers and at vendors' booths.
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