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Domino's Suck

There is a Domino's right near my house that we order from, and normally we've had wonderful service with them, for example my primary room mate is allergic to garlic and they're always very careful about his order, with some of the workers knowing our apartment number and calling us about it as soon as they receive the order (it's a pretty specific thing, in a small town).

Anyway, I'm sick today and when my room mate got home from a ten hour shift, neither of us felt like cooking. Our other room mate suggested us getting Domino's, and we agreed. We ordered like we normally do, via the internet and calling them up after to make sure they knew about my room mate's allergy. That, and delivery, all went perfectly fine.

Well, when we finally got the orders, our other roommate's order was perfectly fine. My primary room mate's was messed up slightly, and he got extra alfredo sauce in his bread bowl when he ordered light alfredo.

Mine was the worst though. I ordered a bread bowl with extra hearty marinara on it. When I opened it up, it looked like there was a dollop of marinara on the top, and when I moved things around there was a lot of alfredo sauce underneath that. Keep in mind, it is actually impossible on the Domino's website to enter more than one type of sauce into the online order form. Completely impossible. Adding the alfredo more or less made the bread bowl inedible to me, I don't like alfredo that much, especially not when it's mixed with marinara sauce.

Well, my room mate calls up to complain, and it looks like they have a different order showing on their screen, showing that we got differing sauces than we actually ordered (which says there's a computer problem going on somewhere). Normally it's simple, if there's a problem, they remake it and redeliver it, even when it's our fault!

Not this time. This time, when he called and complained the store manager was there and he told us that not only were we at fault because his screen said something different, but that there was nothing he could do for us, despite the fact that there was absolutely no way we could have possibly ordered the food that way. He was flat-out yelling at my room mate over it, telling him that he wasn't going to remake it because it was our fault and he didn't want to waste the food. That it was 'human error' on our part, and there was no problem with the computers or on his end. Despite us telling him multiple times that we physically cannot enter it into the system in that way. The man seemed insistent upon pinning this on us, even though my room mate went out of his way to say that this wasn't human error, not ours, not even HIS, but a computer problem.

In the end my room mate (who is male and the manager kept using female pronouns for the entire time) called him an rude little jackass and the man hung up on him (which we totally understand him hanging up at that point, and please note that this is the first time my room mate used ANY negative language toward the man himself). By this point he'd been on the phone trying to get this fixed, or a refund, or ANYTHING, for thirteen minutes. Thirteen minutes of the man yelling at him, talking to him like he was stupid and belittling him, and telling him that (despite there being plenty he could do), that there was nothing he could do. Now our other room mate (who is 6'5") has taken the food and is going down to the restaurant itself to try and get a refund.

We've already called corporate over this, and if they don't call us back tomorrow then we're going to see what we can do to escalate this. We shouldn't be treated this way.
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