rideo18 (rideo18) wrote in bad_service,

Yodel Delivery Service: What a joke!!

This is the first time I have posted to this community but just needed a rant!

Yodel are the worst delivery company I have ever dealt with! Ordered some things through zooplus two weeks ago today.... three 'attempted' deliveries later and I finally get tracking number off of zooplus last Thursday.

Called to rearrange delivery last Thursday for Friday... nothing turns up. Called on Friday, apparently request not sent. Annoyed, but these things happen so rearrange for Monday.

Monday comes, tracking still showing that is 'held at depot'. On the phone again to same incompetent customer services team to be told that 'because delivery had been attempted three times they would not deliver again!' 1: thanks for telling me the first two times I ask for redelivery- what the heck?? Why would you NOT TELL the customer that there is no point trying to have a redelivery if you know the company are not going to send it?!! 2: these 'attempted deliveries' are a joke: I was out on the Friday, fine, but on the Saturday and Monday I was in. No ringing of entry phone (live in apartment block) and NO cards left. NONE out of three supposed deliveries. I have checked everywhere by the entry door/corridor and asked other residents. Nada.

Explain all this to rep on phone. She then sends an email through to the service depot in Chessington explaining situation (no cards left, I cannot get to depot because I have no car during daytime as partner works and item is heavy/large and too much to take on the two buses and train that taking public transport would entail) and assures me delivery will take place today.

Well here we are on today. Still showing 'held at depot'. On the phone again (incidentally a premium rate number at 10p/min and on hold for ages each time!) and finally been passed on to 'escalation' department. Although cannot speak to them myself, they will have to 'call me back' as they have a queue. I bet they do! I have insisted they call me back today as I need the things in the package quite urgently! We will see if they do.

Asked for a phone number/email address for the specific depot but apparently they 'do not have one'. Right. Somehow I find that difficult to believe, they probably don't want to be bombarded with customer complaints! 

Am so angry with this company right now, could they be any more incompetent? I have made a complaint through their complaints form on their website but don't expect a reply, and also on twitter but haven't received a reply on there either. So incompetent and with dreadful customer service.
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