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like a herd of turtles

Dominos b_s

I've been having issues ordering from Dominos ever since they recently re-did their site. I generally order a build-your-own breadbowl pasta with extra marinara sauce. This was never a problem before, but when they first changed the site around, I ordered the first time arrived with both marinara and alfredo sauce (unfortunately making it inedible for me). I was confused, because the site hadn't changed THAT much and I didn't see how I could have ordered this by accident, but when I checked my order record it did indeed say both alfredo and marinara. Alright.

So...the next time I ordered, the website had changed back to the old style (???) and I had no problems with my order. Yay!

Today, I ordered again. New site again. I order my food, make sure to double-check my pasta dish before placing the order - it's listed as breadbowl pasta, extra hearty marinara sauce, nothing else. Great! I place my order...

It arrives with both marinara and alfredo sauce. I leave a comment through their online rating system saying this has happened twice and I can't eat it, then go to have a look at the site to see what might be going wrong here...seems like a bug, since I can't even see a way to order two separate sauces, nor any indication that alfredo sauce would or should be automatically added or how to opt out of it if that's the case. While I'm doing this, the Dominos store I ordered from calls my house phone, and the manager leaves a snippy message instructing me that if I don't want alfredo sauce, I shouldn't order alfredo sauce. Her attitude was pretty aggressive, and her tone was impatient and lecturing.

So far I'm getting good service from corporate (emailed them about the issue to see if I'm just being really obtuse or if it's a bug in the site; got an immediate and polite response that they're looking into the issue). The manager's attitude was really shitty, though. She basically called to lecture me on not being able to order properly, and then sort of half-heartedly offered 'a gift card or something' if I called back. There was no apology of any sort - not that I think this was their fault, clearly they are receiving an order that says both marinara and alfredo, but (being in food service myself) I think apologizing for the mix-up would still be good form. Or even just not calling me to lecture me in the first place. That would have been fine, too.
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