Jennifer (buran) wrote in bad_service,

Bad service. Twice.

Ah, the cable company. Bunch of idiots. And I should know; my ex used to work for them and the suck factor was already going up before he left.

My cable modem is acting up. After giving it plenty of time to manage to sync from the computer room, I plugged it into the outlet in my bedroom, which apparently worked at the time -- but has proven every bit as spazzy as the one in my computer room.

I did open a trouble ticket with the cable company and they are sending someone out to try to trace the problem (which it seems now may be restricted to the computer room's outlet) ... TEN DAYS from now. (The 23rd). That's pretty unacceptable given how long this intermittent, and now permanent, problem has gone on -- it's been multiple weeks but since the connection was usable, if barely, I put up with it, even though I was very annoyed.

Past fix-it advice consisted of resetting my IE settings (what does THAT have to do with my modem failing to sync?) to the tech not really doing anything because it resynced on its own while he was looking up my info, only to drop off again shortly after I got off the phone. The guy I talked to last night was competent, but the guy before that? Total buffoon if he thinks SOFTWARE has anything to do with the fact that a modem won't see their network! I've taken to talking to their Mac techs, though one of them at one point asked if I had a windows machine. Um... I do, but didn't I just push the button for Mac support in your crappy phone menu? Why are you asking me this!?

If the tech's test modem works (I know they have them; they used one a few years back on a past trouble call) I'll be returning the new one to the store, and asking the tech to re-provision the old modem. The clerk said that I have 30 days to do so, and I've made sure to keep the receipt.

Ugh, what fun. Then, the modem wouldn't let me on at ALL last night. And I have to wait a WEEK to even get this LOOKED at? Charter is apparently a bunch of incompetent idiots. The answer to someone reporting an intermittent problem that's gone on for the past month is NOT "you'll have to wait another ten days to get us to even look at it much less fix it", it's "oh dear, you shouldn't have had to deal with that for even a WEEK, we'll get it looked at right away!".

You can bet I'll be filing for a credit for the time my connection has been unusable AND for the time it's been unusable AFTER I filed the complaint, while they couldn't be bothered to have someone come fix it.

Then the transmission in my car has decided to grind often when I shift into first despite my trying to be gentle with it. I can't get the fluid changed in it until early next week. Not bad service, but it drives me insane.

Now, the idiot bus driver. Here's the letter:

I wish to file a complaint against the driver of the Green shuttle bus on July 16th, 2005.

This morning at approximately 9:45 am I parked in the Clayton garage and took the elevator to the green/purple shuttle stop. While walking from the garage to the stop, and in clear view from the approaching bus, the Green shuttle -- the one I intended to take -- drove past me at a very high rate of speed and failed to stop, even though I then ran to the street and waved to the driver indicating that I wished to get on the bus. Instead of allowing me to get on, the bus drove away.

The stop in question is definitely a Green stop as I take the green bus nearly every weekday, and is marked on every route map.

As I understand it, a bus driver is to stop at every marked stop to give any waiting passengers a chance to board, a chance I never got.

What is it with stupid bus drivers who can't do their goddamn jobs?

(edit: filed a complaint at planetfeedback about the cable company. Awaiting reply ... which will probably show up about ten days from now. I pay my bills promptly, it wouldn't freaking hurt THEM to be prompt in return!)
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