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Contemplating on writing to corporate.

This is what it takes to buy a gym bag.

My partner and I went to 'Sports Experts' in the Rideau mall in Ottawa and all we needed to buy was a gym bag.

Get into the store and find the bags in a high shelf that we can't access, and I look for an employee to help us get a bag down. A find a salesperson and ask if I can borrow her and she holds up her hand and says in a very sharp tone that she's busy. I was really surprised at that, and went back to partner and he got impatient and pulled the duffle bag down to look at it.

We got lucky because the display bag contained all the bags for sale in it, so he grabbed a medium, check it over and decided to take it. I put the other bags into the display bag and put it back on the shelf.

Get to the checkout and there's a guy clearly busy with another customer and the same rude girl who has the open till. We walk up and she sighs and scans the bag- here's where it gets fun, the phone rang when she was scanning the bag and she picked up the phone and began serving the person on the other line.

She left us standing there and went to check on merchandise for the person on the phone. Partner and I are standing there because we can't believe this, he starts to get aggravated and the guy helping the other customer mouths an apology to me.

The salesgirl came back and finished helping the person on the phone and then finally came back to us and came up with a total. She didn't apologize for interrupting us for a random person on the phone, didn't say anything.

We had to ask for a receipt (I prefer getting receipts in case of returns) and partner asks for a plastic bag because we were going out for dinner after this errand. She sighs loudly and rolls her eyes at him, then grabs the bag from his hands and jams it into a plastic bag.

We look at each other and leave to go to dinner.

I don't know what had made her so aggravated, but the sighing, the eye-rolling and interrupting our transaction to answer a phone call and then leave us standing there was just so rude.

I'm thinking of writing an email to the store to complain about this service, but I'm not sure if the service was bad, or if I'm just being too sensitive.

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