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Hotel Stay

Drove down to the Fayetteville (NC) area to take care of some business last week. I went down the night before a scheduled appointment, so I stayed overnight in a hotel I'm familiar with. I've stayed there before, as have family, and they've always been good. Very friendly staff, rooms are clean, etc. 

When I was checking in, I did notice that they were far busier than normal. Apparently there was a family reunion, some contract work going on in the area, and a graduation for something on Bragg. No big deal. I don't mind a busy hotel, as long as I can sleep and get up for what I was there for. They were running out of rooms as it was, but I was lucky enough to get one for myself and my travelmate overnight.

  Things went a little weird when I noticed a woman lingering by the front desk. She had checked in prior to me, but returned and looked very irritated. Apparently she went to her room and there was luggage inside of it already. She asked for a refund and left to find another hotel that wasn't booked solid in the area. I felt a little uncomfortable, as that was odd, but figured mistakes happen. Well, more mistakes happened. They wrote the room number on the package for the keycards and I went to that room. I used the keycard, but the light only flashed amber. Weird. I tried it again, but someone opened the door to inform me I was at the wrong room. I showed him what number they put on it, shrugged after apologizing, and went back to the office. Turns out they had just written down the wrong number. It was 212, not 312 (which was on the package). So I went happily down to 212 to try again. Light flashes green and I get into the room. Awesome! Only not - there is a bag sitting on the table, a dumbbell next to it, and change scattered on the bedside table. Uh-oh. Uncomfortable, I stepped back out and took the keys back to the office. I informed their manager of the issue and she remarked that she would "have to talk with the Head Housekeeper" as, apparently, she had told the front desk the people there checked out. No, the guests did not check out through the front desk, the Head Housekeeper just stated that the room was empty and they were assumed to have checked out. This was why I had the same problem as the other woman.

   I was finally given a room that was actually open, but I was a bit concerned about being let into someone else's room. What if someone was let in and stole from the luggage left in the room before notifying the office? I wonder if they even let those guests know, when they returned, that a stranger had been let into their room by accident. Also, when is it policy for the Head Housekeeper to tell the front desk that someone is checked out? Everyone is required to check out with the front desk before leaving to return the keys and, you know, not keep incurring charges. Why is it that if the Head Housekeeper doesn't find luggage in the room, she just has them checked out? The people may not have left, but may have felt uncomfortable leaving their things in the room. Not all staff are honest, even if those I've run into at this particular hotel generally have been. They opened themselves up to liability and left me in an uncomfortable situation. What if something went missing and I was accused of stealing it? I'm glad we only stayed overnight so the same problem couldn't happen to us, but I hope a policy is changed that prevents situations like this from happening again. Having stayed there post-deployment, I cringe at the idea of someone being accidentally given access to my room and walking off with the expensive deployment gear, which I would have to pay to replace.

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