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Circuit City Cashier's Question Policy

This isn't actually bad service, but it was very irritating and led to a near argument. I went to a Circuit City store here in Orlando during lunch one day to buy a DVD. When I approached the checkout counter,the cashier mumbled something I couldn't make out:

Cashier: What *unintelligible mumbling*?
Me: What?
Cashier: *mumbles something else - seeming like a question*
Me: I'm sorry, I didn't hear you.
Cashier: *a bit louder* What telephone number will you be using for this purchase?
Me: *really thrown by this nonsensical question* I don't have to give you my phone number just to buy something here!

At this point, I wasn't angry at all, just really surprised. I have encountered the usual "will you be using your (insert store name) card today?" plenty of times, and sometimes have been asked for my zip code, but never this. The way it was phrased, she was making it sound like I go around using random phone numbers to buy things. To repeat, I was more stunned than anything else.

Cashier: It's just a question. They make us ask it. You don't have to give it to me if you don't want to.

I kept quiet for the rest of the transaction, afraid to put my foot in my mouth again. I wasn't mad at HER. Hell, I wasn't really mad at all. I just hate it when stores make their cashiers ask presuming questions like that.

I slunk out of there and haven't been back since.
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