Atropos (atropos_lee) wrote in bad_service,

02 - No Service at All!

I need to get a smartphone so that while I am laid up at home after surgery I can still track urgent phone calls and email from work (and everyone else).

I've done my homework - I know what network covers my home, which phone I want and which tariff best suits my needs. My employer is covering the contract, so all need is to sign.

I've been trying to do this for TEN DAYS.

The 02 online shop keeps crashing every time I try to check out. So nothing for it but to hobble (on the painful ankle which is the subject of the afore-mentioned surgery) into the 02 shop nearest my office, and sign up there.

Except - I've been there three times today, and each time find the shop full of hopeful customers and only two clerks who are always deep into conversation with other clients/potential clients (which is understandable) and who studiously avoid all eye contact with the 10 people waiting. And waiting, and waiting, and waiting.

No greeting, no queue system, no way to make an appointment to return later.

I waited through my entire lunch and coffee break, without acknowledgement, without seeing any customers other than the two already at the counter being served, without a seat and without getting a phone.

And after 10 days of this - I'm running out of time to sort my phone out!

EDIT: As suggested I tried calling the shop to make an appointment. Twice. The phone just rings out after 5 minutes unanswered.

EDIT Part Deux: I just called the sales support line listed on the 02 website. They can't make an appointment or contact the shop on my behalf.

02 - don't you want my money?

EDIT 3: Had to skip the proposed o2 sit in yesterday as I had physio in the morning, but today I hopped in at 10.15 and got served within minutes. Lovely sales associate agreed that the shop can't cope with busier days, and that the "concierge" system of greeting and filtering customers breaks down fairly frequently.
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