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Laptop Repair Woes

I can not really tell if my laptop is just very lucky, or if there is something that is happening where my laptop is being repaired. This will be the fourth time I will be sending my laptop back to be repaired for an issue that relates to the hinges. For reference, I have a Lenovo and apparently the hinges breaking is a common problem for that brand.

I would like some advice on whether this is bad service, or something else. 
After my last laptop hit the dust, my parents got me a new Laptop as a present on December 25th, 2010. My dad had gotten the warranty through Office Depot.

During the summer of 2011 I was opening the lid to my laptop when I heard this awful craaaack noise. The plastic that covered the right hinge had fallen off completely, in pieces, and the hinge itself was broken. As a result of this, the screen was floppy and needed some support to stand up.

It was shipped off to get repaired (it was under warranty) and came back two months later. 

While I am careful for my laptops, I became super careful this time. I kept my laptop within the house and it stayed in the same room 95% of the time. That did not stop the left hinge's plastic from breaking about a month later. This time it broke during the beginning of my fall semester. 

This time the hinge did not break, but the plastic covering did, exposing the metal hinge. It was sent back and repaired, this time it came back after two and a half weeks.

A few months passed, but once again, the left hinge broke in March. This time it was not just the plastic that broke off, but the hinge as well.

I was hoping this time that they would declare my laptop a lemon under their "No Lemon Policy" but they did not. 
Last night I noticed on the left side of my laptop the bottom case was separating near the left hinge. This morning, the separation was a lot worse. I can actually see inside my laptop. At a closer look, the screw on that side is gone, even though it was there when I got it back from the last repair.

The left hinge is pushed down, and my laptop is at a slight tilt.

Depending on how far the screen is determines how much separation there is. Even when my laptop is closed there is still a good amount of separation. Even moving the screen slightly caused a CRAAAAAAAAAAAACK sound. 

Right now I am waiting for the box to be shipped to my house so I can ship my laptop out to be repaired.  

I don't want to scream "BAD SERVICE' but this is the fourth time I will be sending my laptop  back for repairs and the issues are always related to the hinge. I can't tell if this is just bad luck, if my laptop is an extreme example of Lenovo's hinge problems, or if the repairs just suck.

Advice on this issue and whether or not it is bad service would be nice. 
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