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EST. 1986

I work for a place often abbreviated as Jay See Pee (just say it out loud and you'll get it if you're in the US). We're a huge department store chain, specializing in clothing but carry items for the home as well. I work in women's clothing, and one of my coworkers is one of the rudest people I've ever met. She treats most of us like shit, but tries a bit harder to be nice to customers, usually unsuccessfully. Most of the time she doesn't try, and in fact, it seems like she's trying hard to be rude.
Anyway, we'll call her Britney, as that's her real name and I have no interest in protecting the stupid. It's spelled differently, but oh well I'm lazy.

She's generally just rude and disrespectful. Stupid and white trash, too, but I guess genetics just fail some people. Just kidding, I hold it against her. She brags about being rude to customers. One morning, we had some extra percentage off of sale and clearance prices. The afternoon came, and the sale was done. Some woman comes in, goes off about how there were siiigns this morning and she wants that percentage off! It's really so sad, too bad, move on, but Britney decides to spin around in place, then go, "I don't see any signs. Do you?"

She's constantly on the phone with her boyfriend/fiance, and when she's not on the phone with him, he's standing right next to the register (yeah she's only ever on register because she doesn't do anything if they put her in a zone), looking like a dope, waiting for the customers to be gone so he can talk to her. Sorry, if I get in a line and someone is on the phone, I think it's rude. I think it's rude when customers are on the phone while I'm taking care of them, and she whines about them too, but it's okay for her to be on the phone, apparently.

Most people at our job just hate her. For everything she does. She's just a really irritating person, and how do you tell someone they have a terrible, annoying personality? You don't, just run like hell when you see her coming.

The worse exhibition of her behavior happened last week. My friend Jess and I had just come back from our breaks. Jess had been helping me because I was in the busiest zone in our department, but on our break Britney covered my zone. Covered from her really only means stood at the register, but oh well. I come back, grab some dresses, and start putting them away. Dresses are right next to the register, so I hear/see all of what happens.
We've been out of dress bags for at least a month. They had given us some men's suits bags (generally as useless as the other ones only I don't have to put a hole through the bag), but on this day we had run out of those and were stuck to using normal bags again. Depending on the dress or suit, if it's compact/small enough, I'll just take a biggggg bag and come up the dress/suit from the bottom, crossing the handles over the hanger and it works pretty well. A customer taught me how to do it, and it avoids poking a hole in the bottom of the bag. If a customer asks me to not do that, I say, okay and just staple/tie/whatever bags together.

This particular customer was buying a suit. Britney thinks she's all smart, does my trick, only with a bag that ISN'T the largest. The customer asks her to not do that because the suit will wrinkle and to go over the top. Also, it's raining out so she doesn't want the suit wet. The customer's tone wasn't that terrible and even if it were, we're still supposed to be polite. Britney goes, "WELL, if it falls off, DON'T blame ME. It's not MY problem." The customer tells her to button the suit up so it doesn't fall off. The customer was kind of shocked, and toward the end says, "Shouldn't you be wearing a name tag? What's your name?" Britney goes, "Don't WORRY ABOUT IT." Customer demands a manager, Britney runs off to somewhere (she's good at disappearing but that's another story), while Jess calls a manager. Jess also offers to tie a bag on the bottom so the bottom of the suit isn't exposed. Customer gets by the looks we're giving each other and the way we're giggling that THIS IS A GOOD THING. When a manager comes, she makes it clear that Jess was very helpful and didn't understand why Britney gave her attitude when she could have just done what Jess did. The manager is all, "I'll tell [Manager] tomorrow, it WILL be taken care of" when we were talking to him. He was really only a supervisor, and our department manager has to address it, so whatever.

The real kicker? This company makes SUCH a big deal about customer service, she does shit like this all the time, but over a week has gone by and NO ONE. HAS. TALKED. TO. HER. ABOUT. IT. Another girl suggested that because she gets a lot of charge applications, they don't care what she does. But seriously, that's messed up.

I try really hard to be decent to customers; yes, I don't smile all the time. No, sometimes I'm not that talkative. But I'm never outright rude; even when a customer was ripping me to shreds and I had to tell her to not be so rude to me (there's only so much abuse ANY person can take) I was respectful about it, not "DON'T TALK TO ME LIKE THAT BITCH." But if I treated a customer like that, I'd be in so much trouble because I'm not great with charge apps. I love how backward this entire situation is.
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