elyseo del toro (eccentricitee) wrote in bad_service,
elyseo del toro

Dairy Queen

Recently started a new job. Within a few yards of my work there is an Arby's, a LeeAnn Chin, a Caribou, a Bruegger's, and a DQ.
Usually I just wait til I get home after work to eat but today I smelled the burger smell from DQ and decided to go over there.

I'll just put it in conversation form.

Me: (after looking at the menu for a moment) Hi, can I get a double Grillburger... add bacon... with no onions, tomato, or ketchup? And if it's possible, no bun.
Worker: Hold on... what? A dou...ble... what was that?
Me: A double Grillburger, and I want to add bacon.
Worker: It comes with bacon.
Me: (a bit confused because the picture doesn't have bacon) Oh... OK cool.
Worker: With no... what?
Me: No tomato, onion, ketchup, or bun.
Worker: No tomato... what was the rest?
Me: Ketchup, onion, bun.
Worker: Will that be all?
Me: Yup, that's it.
Worker: OK that will be $$
Me: (hands over money, not even thinking about how expensive it seemed for just a burger)
Worker: (takes money and places cup on counter)
Me: Wait.. I only ordered the burger... I don't want the fries or drink.
Worker: Well the combo comes with fries and a drink.
Me: I didn't order the combo. I specifically just ordered the burger. I never said a combo number.
Worker: I don't know how to change it.
Me: Well you can start by handing me back my money.
Worker: The order is already sent back, so...
Me: So, go back and tell them it's different. Find a manager.
[She goes back and talks to the food prep person, then they get a manager..]
Manager: OK, so you don't want the combo anymore?
Me: I never wanted the combo.
Manager: So, you just want the Flameburger, then?
Me: That's... not even what I ordered in the first place. You know what? Forget it.

I know this was just one incompetent worker, and the manager was trying to fix the problem, but I was fed up by then. Chances are she entered the whole thing wrong and I would have gotten something I couldn't eat.

I went to Arby's instead.
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