was never much but we've made the most (jira_rd) wrote in bad_service,
was never much but we've made the most

Man, did we have some bad service tonight (although my parents seem more upset than I am)

We went out to eat because there was a special for prime rib at a local restaurant. We get there, get seated, and order some alcoholic beverages to enjoy. Two of the drinks are messed up so we send them back to get fixed. We all wanted the special and placed our order. Ten minutes later, the waitress comes back to let us know that they don't have the special that was advertised for that night. It wasn't sold out, they just don't have it at all even though they are listed for that night on the board and on her list. So we look at menus and order something else. While we're waiting, the entire restaurant's power just goes out. Flickers back on, and then ten minutes later, goes out again.(This was not necessarily bad, just kind of wtf).

I had ordered the other special, which just read "Filet Mignon" both on the board when we came in and on the list of specials that the waitress had. We get our soups/salads, which are fine, and I ordered another drink, which I had to wait fifteen to twenty minutes for. Then our dinners come. Mine is covered in mushrooms and gravy, which was not advertised on the special. I do not like mushrooms or gravy, and decide to try it first before I send it back, just in case maybe it's not too bad. Nope, not a fan, so I decide to send it back. I also ordered it medium rare, and when I get my new steak, it's tough and completely brown with no pink whatsoever.

My parents felt the waitress should have apologised for not informing me about the mushrooms and sauce on the steak and for taking so long with the drink, since there was no indication of it on the specials list or board, but I don't know how I feel about that, because if she didn't know that they weren't serving one of the specials they normally serve on that day, then she might not have known the steak came with sauce - for all I know, she might have been new.

Then when we got our bill, we had been overcharged and we had to have it fixed, and it took about another ten minutes to get our waitress, which, I don't know, I'm pretty patient and I don't think it was a problem to wait for that since we were done eating and she'd given us the bill and probably assumed we were done, but my parents weren't too happy.

I dunno, my parents were more upset because the food was really expensive for what we ordered and the lack of quality service, and I'm pretty laid back so maybe I don't find it as bad as it was, but long story short, we were fairly annoyed when two drinks got messed up, the advertised specials weren't even being offered that night, another special doesn't have all the information about it, and our bill got messed up with a difficult to get ahold of waitress.
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