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Radio Shack

So today I went to Radio Shack to get a new iPhone case since mine broke.  I went in and there's one guy behind the counter who greets me and asks if I need any help, standard welcome speech, nothing amiss.  I head over to the iPhone cases and start looking through for one that meets my needs when another guy comes out from the back and starts talking to the guy behind the counter.  Both of them immediately start cursing and complaining about their schedules, something that while I find unprofessional I can ignore.  From their conversation I figure out that the guy who came out of the back is actually the manager.  I find a case I want and head over to the counter where they are still talking and after a moment they notice me and break apart.  While up until then I would consider their conduct unprofessional, I certainly wouldn't classify it as bad service, that started as soon as I started to check out.  Now, please take into account that I am a 5'5" girl, these two men were at least 6' and looked like they could squash me with their thumbs.  I am tiny in comparison.  They were also almost yelling the entire time.

Me:  hello.
C: Cashier
M: Manager

C: Did you find everything alright?
Me: Yeah, I-
M:  (very loudly while staring at the door) Hello ma'am, how are you doing?
Me: (looks around to see if anyone else came in) I'm...okay...
M:  What's the matter? (finally looks at me)
Me: I wasn't sure if you were talking to me...
M: You're the only one in here. (sneers)
Me:  (nervous laugh as I start feeling really freaking uncomfortable)
C: Would you like to add a two year warranty for $3 extra?
Me:  No, that's okay.
C:  Come on, you always need protection.
M: Yeah, it's not that much.
Me: No, it's fine, the company has a year warranty, it says on the package.
C:  But that's only a year, you need two.
Me:  No, it's fine.
M: (looms over me) Are you sure?
Me:  Yeah...(tries to swipe my card so that I can just get out of there, it doesn't work)
C: Do you need to upgrade your phone?
M: We can check that for you.
Me:  No, I get an upgrade next year.
C:  We can give you $5 if you let us check.
Me:  No, it's fine, I'm not up for one. (I'm not and there was no way in hell I was giving them any of my info with how freaked out I was getting)
M:  Oh come on, we get incentives if you let us check.
Me:  It's fine, I don't need it.
M:  All you have to do is let us check your fu-  Just let us check your phone! (he barely stopped himself from cursing at me, but it was damn clear what he wanted to say)
C:  We're just trying to make the bottom line here.
Me:  It's fine, I just need the case. (getting ready to just flee)
C:  It's just the bottom line.  (finally hits the button so I can pay)
Me:  (fake smile, quickly pays and heads for the door)
M:  Well she's not coming back.

Holy crap I have never felt so attacked while in a store in my entire life, I nearly ran for it as soon as I got my receipt and was actually ready to abandon my phone case if they didn't finish ringing me up.  The manager is right, I'm never going back to that store if I can help it.  I only went to that location because it was convenient, the next closest place I could buy a phone case is about 20 minutes away where as that store is only about 5.  I'm considering sending an email to corporate about it, just to let them know how that store is being managed. 

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