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Case of the Missing Hard Drive pt. II

As most of you know, my co-worker J was dumb enough to take her laptop to Best Buy, and the idiots there lost it (you can find the full story details here).

Well, she still hadn't heard from them as of yesterday, so she went down to the store. The following ensued:

J = J
BB = Best Buy Guy
IM = Idiot Manager

BB: I'm sorry, Ms. J, we still seem to be having problems locating your equipment.
J: I'm sorry, BB, you're going to have to do better than that. I left my hard drive with you people for over a month and a half. This is completely inexcusable.
BB: Well, let me check with our staff. Who was it you were dealing with again?
J: *gives name*

* BB Guy disappears for a few minutes to the back room.

BB: Well, it seems so-and-so took your hard drive home to work on.
J: *dumbounded* I beg your pardon?
BB: He took your hard drive home to work on. He has better equipment at home.
J: Please get your manager. This is unacceptable. He had no right to take my equipment home without my explicit permission. That's considered theft.

* BB Guy gets Idiot Manager.

IM: What seems to be the problem here?
* J goes over scenario, quite pissed off by this point.
IM: Well, it may be that so-and-so does have better equipment at his house. He runs a home-based business as well.
J: That's besides the point. The point is I should have been informed of any intentions to take my laptop off the premises, plus I should have been asked permission to do so. I want my laptop by the end of the day so I can send it to a place where they can actually read the hard drive.
IM: I'm afraid that's not possible. You'll have to wait until next week when so-and-so is back from holidays.
J: He's on holidays? Let me get this straight -- he took my computer home to work on without permission AND he's on holidays now?
IM: Yes.
J: Well, you're going to have to get that hard drive back by the end of the day.
IM: We can't do that.
J: Find a way. Otherwise you'll be hearing from my lawyer.
IM: So-and-so said you didn't want the hard drive anymore.

Yes, you read that right. So-and-so said you didn't want the hard drive anymore.

J: I never, EVER said anything of the sort. I specifically said I must have all of the files off of that hard drive. Not once did I say I wanted to discard the hard drive. I told him that even if they can't save the hard drive, I want it back so there's some hope I can get the data off of it.
IM: He's on holidays. You'll have to wait.
J: I most certainly will not wait.
BB: His parents are still at home; so-and-so went with buddies camping.
J: Then his parents will have to bring my computer to the store ASAP.

* IM shrugs his shoulders and walks off to assist another salesperson.

BB: I'll call his house and see if I can either get his parents to drop it off, or if I can go there and look for it myself. He's a friend of mine.
J: You do that.

J has promised to call me once she finds out what the hell's going on. In any event, the firm who requested the two transcripts that are on the lost hard drive have since postponed their court date, and they're PISSED. I'm eagerly anticipating J's call today.

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