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Gas Station Drama

In Oregon we cannot pump our own gas, each station must have an attendent that works the pumps for us.

That being said, an aquaintence went to our local gas station to get 20 dollars of gas. She told the attendant she wanted "20 dollars worth of gas" and repeated herself when he confirmed it to be 20 dollars. The normal procedure for those who aren't familiar with service stations who pump for you.

If you're paying by card, you hand the attendant your card before they start pumping, they swipe it and do all the work.

This guy doesn't key it in to stop at 20 dollars and it ends up filling her tank to 70 dollars.

This of course upset her, she wasn't planning on spending 70 dollars. So she called the owner of the store and explained the situation that his attendant totally messed up and gave her way too much gas.

Instead of apologizing or anything of that professional nonsense, he snaps at her to "call corporate, what do you want me to do about it?". When she pressed him on the situation (this lady knows the owner personally because we're that small of town), he went full on jerk and barked "Well take me to small claims court then!" and hung up on her.

I'm still struggling to figure out how this guy is in business anyways, I never see anyone at the station anymore since it's so highly priced and this guy has been getting increasingly unlikable over the years. Perhaps lack of business is why he's on edge, who knows. Still, not cool especially when word of mouth is like wildfire in this town. Good luck with all that, bro.
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